Question: Pigmentation

i need to know how to keep pigmentation at bay, its always an occuring problem and ive tried everything


Ah, yes! Our good old friend, pigmentation… one of the main reasons I have to go to work every day! Pigmentation is a condition that you have to look at as a "disease". Pigmentatin itself is not a disease, but you have to treat it as though it is, because the minute you stop managing it… it just comes back. You need to do 3 major things every day. 1) You need to use a product that is going to slow down your skin’s ability to make more pigment in the pigmented areas. (EG: Lumixyl; or Phloretin CF; or Lytera Serum; or Brighter Concentrate). 2) You are going to have to use a very good facial sunblock every single day. (EG Heliocare sun protection). 3) As far as possible, avoid sun tanning and being out in direct sunlight during risk times. If your pigmentation is really severe then I would suggest having a course of treatmeants to clear as much of it as possible so that you can then start managing it. We can help you to get the best treatments as well as the products you need at any one of our Skin Renewal Branches. Why don’t you call us and let me, or one of our doctors take a good look at your skin and let’s get that pigmentation under control for you.

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