Question: Pigmentation

Hi there. Ive got pigmentation, but very light pigmentation, as ive had a dermamelan peel done. i would like to know what treatment is there as im nearing the end of my second dermamelan maintence cream.


Good day to you and thank you for your enquiry. There are very specific protocols for the Dermamelan treatment and post-treatment. Patients are required to remain on their maintenance for at least 6-9 months after having the initial facial treatment. So it’s a bit difficult for me to really advise you without seeing your before and after pictures as Dermamelan is quite an intensive medical pigmentation treatment. I would highly advise that you go back to the Doctor who did the treatment for you, and make sure your skin is properly analysed and that you take it from there. You would most certainly need to be on pigmentation suppressing products, definitely daily applying a powerful sunblock (at least twice a day), and you would have to be placed on to products that will maintain your results. But, as I mentioned, I would not be looking at just stopping your Dermamelan maintenance for at least a minimum of six months. You need to remember that pigmentation is a condition you will have to manage for the rest of your life. If you do not maintain your skin correctly, the pigmentation can just reoccur and then you would have to start the treatment process all over again. My advice would really be to consult the doctor that treated you with the Dermamelan.

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