Question: Please Assist, I Would Like To Know How To Apply Liquid Liner Neatly, When I Try It Always Looks Untidy And Then I Remove It.

Please assist, I would like to know how to apply liquid liner neatly, when I try it always looks untidy and then I remove it.


If you’re applying liquid liner for the first time it could be tricky. So the best thing is to practice, practice and practice. Firstly, if you don’t have a steady hand, you can rest your elbow either on the table in front of you or, if you’re standing, rest the outside of the hand that’s holding the liner against your cheek.
Close your eye and tilt your head down while gently using a finger (probably your ring finger) on the free hand to carefully and slightly lift your lid from just below your eyebrow. Then draw small dashes from the middle of your eyelid (as close to your lash line as possible) towards the outside corner of your eye. Next, join these dashes. Next start at the inner corner and draw dashes towards the middle of your eyelid. Join those dashes as well. And voila! Again, it’ll take a lot of practice but don’t give up if you don’t get a perfect line your first few attempts.

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