Question: Please can you tell me about different types of hair removal?

Please can you tell me a bit about different types of laser hair removal, and how would I know which one is best suited to my skin? I see a lot of places offer the service but there seem to be so many different types of laser on the market.


This is a great question, and you are absolutely correct. There are many lasers on the market. My advice to you is to investigate the following: 1) Is the machine that is used, registered as a medical laser or not? Our laser that we use at Skin Renewal is a registered Class 4 Medical Laser. Which means it has a high energy output, sufficient to treat the various conditions for which it is registered. 2) Is the device definitely a LASER? Or is it an IPL machine? There is a significant difference between the two. If it is an IPL and you have dark skin, DO NOT go for treatment as your skin colour will definitely be a problem and it is most likely that you will have complications. You need to have a proper laser treatment so that the treatment parameters can be more selective and therefore able to adjust settings according to your skin type. 3) The type of laser is very important as well. The lasers that are most versatile with hair removal are lasers like the ND: Yag from Cutera, or a Diode Laser, like the Lightsheer. If you’d like more information or if you would like us to take a look at the hair you want to treated, please just contact your nearest Skin Renewal branch. We have qualified therapists who have received extensive training in laser to be able to help you. You can find your nearest branch on

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