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Hi there - have you heard of the brand OptiPhi - specifically the protecting revitaliser? I recently went for a facial and I was told I have quite a lot of sun damage, and my skin has aged faster than it should - As a result I have many fine and deep facial lines. I believe mys kin is also dehydrated and I have dark circles under my eyes. I was told this optiphi product would be my st solution so I committed to the whoping R1500 investment. Would you recommend the product - and how should i be using it?


Thank you so much for your question.
I have heard of OptiPhi, and I do know a few people who are using the brand and all of the clients I have spoken to are very happy with the product. I cannot, however, give you an honest “educated” answer as I have not tried this for myself and I do not work with or have any personal experience with the brand. Depending on what products you have bought, whoever has sold it to you or used it on you should be giving you a detailed explanation on how to use each product that you have purchased. I would highly recommend you return to that person and get detailed information on how, when and where you need to be using your products on your skin.

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