Question: What foods help prevent acne?

Dear Doctor Allem, could you give me some advice suggestions as to which foods are good to eat if you struggle with breakouts and acne? I know that treatment on the skin is the first point of call, but what I'd like to know is which foods I can include in my diet (and why) to maintain a healthy skin if I am prone to breakouts.


Thank you very much for your question. In actual fact, simply starting at the skin is not the first port of call. MOST acne cases originate in the gut and develop as a result of imbalances in the gut and the immune system. So that is actually the place to start, and you need to sort this out by seeing a good integrative doctor that can put you onto the correct supplements and foods for YOUR particular condition. Why don’t you contact any one of our Health Renewal Branches to get more info on how to see the integrative doctor to help you with this? We would LOVE to help you.

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