Question: Question from Adelaide Motata

Hi Dr Maureen, I used to use serums as part of my daily skin care routine (combination skin) - and they worked well for me. But hit hard on the pocket. So I started looking into incorporating organic virgin coconut oil into my routine. I am now at the point where I don't use serums any longer, and just use my coconut oil in conjunction with my normal face moisturizer - even as a moisturizer for my eye area. It hasn't caused any breakouts,'s worked out quite well. What are your opinions on using organic virgin coconut oil as part of one's skin care routine? Do you feel that I should still have a serum in my routine?


Thank you for your question, Adelaide. My opinion is quite simply this, if something is really working for you and you have no worries or concerns that bother you about your skin, it’s tone, its texture and it’s level of hydration, then by all means, keep doing what is working for you. It is however my experience that one’s skin does go through changes with age and with lifestyle and it is very important to ensure that you are always giving the skin what it needs. If you start seeing the indications of sun damage or premature ageing, it is important to use the right ingredients to deal with those indications, if you are starting to see breakouts or excessive oiliness, the same logic applies. If you are using a product or remedy that works for a few years and then later you find it’s not working well any longer (because your skin has changed), then you need to make the necessary adjustments and give the skin what it needs. Genetics also plays a role. Some people have fantastic skin thanks to their genes while others have to really work hard at having and maintaining great skin. I hope this answers your question.

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