Question: Question from Adrielle

Hi Maureen, When my husband was in school, he got sunburnt on his left upper back. This left scars, sores, and pigmentation. He never got it checked out. Is it something to worry about? Is there something that can be used to clear it?


Thank you for your question, Adrielle. With any severe sun damage, there is a degree of risk, and often the severity of the damage does not show until we are much older. If your husband has developed spots or marks or areas on the skin that make you worry, I would suggest that you have these checked by a doctor. If it is simply just sun spots or mild sun damage, there are plenty of things that can be done to improve the area in question. However, if you are concerned, it is definitely a good idea to have the area examined. You are welcome to come and see me, or one of our Skin Renewal Doctors and you can locate your nearest branch at

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