Question: Question from Ameerah Allie

Hi, I've been on accutane for my acne as I got pimples not only on my face but on my chest and back as well. The tablets helped a lot but I still have scarring. I'm using a Dis-Chem product, one of those rooibos face cleansers, everyday and I once a week do that disprin mask and exfoliate with it. When I wash it off it makes my face feel really smooth. But my main concern now is to get the scarring off my face back and chest. Any advice?


Thank you for your question. You need to understand that scarring is a deep injury in the skin, and unfortunately topical products cannot “remove” scarring. If you really want to visibly improve and reduce acne scarring you really have to consider a course of treatments that specifically target your dermis (the deep layers of the skin where the injury is situated). There are a number of options to treat acne scarring BUT, the choice of treatment is going to depend on a few factors, namely; 1) The severity and depth of the scarring, 2) Whether there is any raised scarring in the area of concern, and 3) the colour of your skin ( we would not want to use any intensive laser treatment on darker skins, as they tend to burn and scar easily, there are other, safer options to use on darker skins). I would love for us to help you with your scarring. Are you close enough to any of our Skin Renewal branches to come and see us so we can take a look and advise you? Have a look at our website – we have 16 branches countrywide. Find your nearest branch on

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