Question: Question from AndreaM

Hi Doctor Maureen, I see we finally have a copycat version of the Clarisonic, the Olay brand. Is it advisable for someone like me to use it? I have very sensitive, blemished skin, oily at the cheeks, black around the mouth and top lip and forehead due to eczema.


To be perfectly honest, if your skin is already very sensitive and you are struggling with things like eczema, this is most likely one of the reasons why you are getting pigmentation and uneven skin tone and blemishes. So it is very likely that you have low grade inflammation in the skin on an ongoing basis. For this reason you wouldn’t want to use the Clarisonic or anything like it until you have that inflammation under control. So I would highly recommend that we get your skin’s barrier repaired to help with the eczema, and we need to help get the sensitivity under control and get your skin to feel comfortable, then we can slowly start introducing actives to get the blemishes and pigmentation under control, and thereafter, once your skin has properly recovered, you can consider using something like the Clarisonic if you still feel you need to do so.

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