Question: What happens if you have a melanoma mole?

I was wondering if you could please explain the side effects of a melanoma mole. If a mole has been cut out (bigger than 1mm & smaller than 4mm) & diagnosed as a melanona mole, are there healthy changes one can make to his/her lifestyle to minimize future spread of skin cancer? I am aware that more regular mole mapping should be done, but are there warning signs to look out for besides perhaps an inflamed lymph node? With summer fast approaching, it is inevitable that depending on the placement of ones moles, they will exposed to sun. While care can be taken to protect moles from sun damage with regular use of a high SPF sunscreen, are there any additional precautions one should take?


Hi reader, that is such an important question! Do you know that the incidence of melanomas has increased despite the ongoing awareness and sunscreen protection campaigns? This is due in part to the fact that melanomas develop in the presence of DNA changes in the deep epidermal cells known as melanocytes. These DNA changes are increased greatly by sun exposure, but can also be related to genetic factors, poor diet and lifestyle choices and depending too heavily on sunscreen for protection leading to an actual increase in sun exposure! Sun protection remains at the top of the list of important preventative measures, but sun avoidance at the height of the intensity during midday and wearing of hats and long sleeves is just as important. One can minimize the DNA damage by taking daily antioxidants such as pycnogenol and by following a healthy balanced diet such as a personalized paleo-diet.

Annual mole mapping is essential and suspicious moles should be removed if they show signs of changing shape or size at all.

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