Question: Is my pill making me depressed?

Ever since I started taking a contraceptive pill, I feel like I have less control over my emotions, and sometimes I feel depressed for no reason. Could this be related to my pill? I have been on 3 different ones to find the one best suited to my body. Why does this happen and what can I do about it?


All contraceptive pills have side-effects which can vary greatly from person to person. Feeling emotional or depressed can most certainly be one of these side-effects, but unfortunately changing your pill may not solve the problem. My suggestion to you would be to make an appointment with one of our Health Renewal doctors so that we can look at your hormone balance in more detail. Careful analysis of your hormone levels and general state of health is required to see the full picture. We can then assist you with a personalized supplement plan which will balance your hormones and stabilize your emotional state.

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