Question: What’s the easiest way to stop smoking?

One of my 2016 resolutions is to stop smoking. Can you give me some practical tips on making the process a little easier?


Well done for taking this enormously positive step towards better health. To stop smoking can be very difficult for some people, but it does not have to be. All it really takes is some will power and a bit of determination. The withdrawal symptoms typically begin 4-5 hours after the last cigarette, and peaks 3-5 days later. After 2-3 weeks the withdrawal symptoms completely disappear and the physical addiction is broken. There are 3 areas where supplementation may be of benefit during, and after the withdrawal phase. The first area to support is the Adrenal glands which regulates your stress response. Taking a good adaptogen such as Cortisol Balance from VRP will help you deal with the mental, emotional and physical stress caused by the withdrawal of nicotine. Helping your body and mind cope with the stress will ease symptoms such as anxiety, irritability, anger, insomnia and depression. L-Theanine (amino acid derived from Green tea) is also very effective for stress and anxiety, and can be used alongside an adaptogen. The second area to support is detoxification. Helping your body to eliminate the toxins from cigarettes will also ease the process of withdrawal. Take a good quality Milk thistle to support your liver. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) is also excellent for liver detoxification and has the additional benefit of breaking down mucous in the lungs. Lastly supporting the Thyroid gland will also be beneficial. Nicotine is a strong stimulant and when you stop smoking, this sudden lack of stimulation may make the thyroid gland sluggish. Using a good thyroid support product such as Thyrosol from Metagenics will give the thyroid gland a boost. A sluggish thyroid can cause symptoms such as constipation, low energy levels and weight gain. Make sure you drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and exercise regularly. These 3 things may sound very basic but they will have a very big impact on your mental, emotional and physical state of being. Stay motivated and keep your focus on the reasons why you are doing this. You can do anything you put your mind to! Visit a Health Renewal near you and speak to a doctor who can guide you through this process and recommend the correct treatment.

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