Question: How can I combat cracked skin around my mouth?

Dear Doctor, the skin around my mouth (specifically in the corners of my mouth) becomes very dry when it's cold. So much so, that it actually cracks and tears when I smile. I can take up to 2 weeks to heal once it's started, and it's very uncomfortable. Can you recommend anything I can do / eat / apply to help with this problem?


Thanks very much for your question. The appearance of cracks or tears at the corners of the mouth and nose can be attributed to various vitamin deficiencies. It’s difficult to tell you exactly what this may be without investigating with blood tests. Are you taking at least the very basics? A good multi-vitamin, omega’s, calcium and antioxidants? Sometimes just simply sorting that out will sort out various issues in the skin and body. There are other things you can also do to deal with the immediate problem, namely the use of a good topical barrier repairing product, such as Lamelle’s Serra Restore Cream, or Lamelle’s Barrier Repair Cream, or Neostrata’s Problem Dry Skin Cream. For more info, you are welcome to contact us on

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