Question: Question from Boitumelo Phale

Am a 28 yrs old black African woman. From my teens, I suffered from acne, blemishes and uneven skin tone. I have been using Ponds products mostly, tried Garnier and now recently Vichy but nothing seems to work. What can you recommend?


Thank you so much for your question. You need to remember that acne is not simply a problem in the skin. Acne comes from a hormonal influence as well as issues in the immune system and gut imbalances. So the products that you apply topically only help up to a certain point, because this partially sorts out the symptoms, but they do not sort out the cause. That is why you will keep on having challenges with your skin until you sort out the cause. In 90% of cases, if we sort out your gut, we automatically have an influence on the immunity and the hormonal balance and this then HUGELY improves the skin. The choice of GOOD topical products with medical grade ingredients is also very important, so something like Lamelle’s Clarity Range, will give you increased results and improvements with your current skin problem. Are you near to any one of our Health Renewal branches so that we can help you sort out what is wrong internally so that you don’t have to continue battling with this on an ongoing basis? You can find us at

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