Question: Question from Breakouts

Hi Dr, I have recently been struggling with breakouts around my chin and mouth area. The blemishes are big and red and very sore... they almost resemble mosquito bites. Someone told me that breakouts around the mouth usually indicate a hormonal problem. Is this true? And what can be done about it? I am currently taking an oral contraceptive but I assumed that that would regulate my hormones and keep my skin clear?


Hi and thank you for your question.

Hormonal breakouts definitely tend to cluster around the mouth and jaw line and are caused by the changing influences of testosterone and progesterone on the skin.

It is possible that the oral contraceptive that you are on is too mild to control the hormonal fluctuations completely and you may also require a short course of anti androgen therapy too. Speak to your doctor about these options. You should also consider changing your monthly facial routine and daily home care to concentrate on gentle exfoliation and oil control, which you can discuss with your therapist.

Wishing you a quick recovery.

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