Question: Question from Buhle Sibanda

l have an embarrassing question to ask, my partner recently informed me that he had urentrasis and he has asked me to get checked. On my part l haven't had any complaints or discomfort. Please let me know what causes the infection and should l just go to a general practitioner or a specific type of doctor . Kind Regards


Hi reader, don’t worry, one should never be embarrassed about questions about your body. I would approach this situation by having another discussion with your partner regarding his diagnosis. Learn from him exactly what his doctor told him and why he finds it necessary for you to be tested too. You may then want to schedule an appointment with his doctor again for your examination and tests and have your partner go along with you. Any illness that involves a couple in a relationship should always be managed together. Best of luck and I hope that you have more clarity on the situation soon.

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