Question: Question from CandyCanz

Morning I recently, feels like overnight, developed forehead wrinkles and also noticed some under my eyes I'm turning 32 this year and this is really bugging me :-( do you perhaps have a suggestion on what cream to use that isn't too expensive.


Thank you for your question Candy. A good place to start would be to go through the products you are currently using and evaluate whether those products are appropriate for what you are currently using on your skin. If not, then you are quite possibly wasting money on unnecessary products. Rather use a product/s that serve a great “all-rounders”, but contain the best active ingredients for what you are seeing on the skin. For example, Matriskin High Performance cream is packed with amazing anti-ageing peptides and can be used both day and night and can be applied over the face, neck and chest, as well as around the eye area. On the other hand, if you are wanting a range and you are wanting to use a combination of products to give you the best results, the I would have a look at the ranges within Lamelle. A favourite combination of mine for people who are watching their budget is to advise the Nourish Day Cream and RA Cream for use at night. Rather spend your money on the actives in your serums and day & night creams, rather than buying very expensive cleansers, toners and exfoliators. If you would like more information on some of these products, have a look here:

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