Question: Question from Charlie

Hi Lisa. I have a diet question... I gained WAY too much weight way to quickly during my pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding (yes, I gained!). Because of this I am now insulin resistant and my hormone levels are not what they should be. I have lost some of the weight, but I still have 15kg's (minimum) to loose. I have tried counting calories; living on fruit and fat free yoghurt, etc, but nothing seems to work. Carbs are my biggest enemy. I know I should exercise, but working full day and caring for a toddler makes it hard; I'm so tired. I know I have to see a dietician, but financially that's out of the question at the moment. What would you suggest? Maybe a high protein diet?


Insulin resistance is unfortunately a common side-effect of childbirth. When it comes to eating, you need to steer clear of refined and processed foods, simple carbs, as well as added sugar. Opt for low GI wherever possible. This means eating low GI carbs and lean proteins as well as a small amount of healthy fats. Whilst low GI carbs are great options, you still can’t eat too many of them in general, as this will mean an all-round higher GI load. That said, exercise is such an important part of boosting insulin sensitivity. If you don’t have time for a full workout, squeezing in 10 minutes 3 times a day will have similar benefits. Try go for a brisk walk after every meal to help metabolise any sugars.

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