Question: Question from Cindi

Hi, I recently developed a rash on the side of my underarm (just outside of the underarm area). I thought it was just heat or friction, but it has been a week and it has not gone away or shown any change. It doesn't hurt, but its sensitive, red ans makes me feel self conscious in strappy shirts. Is there something else that could've caused this and what is the best way to treat it?


Thank you so much for your question, Cindi. I’m really sorry to hear that you are struggling with this rash. Truth be told any number of things could have caused this, from something you’ve eaten, to a medication you have started taking, to a new body lotion you’ve started using, to recent illness and having been on meds, to an allergy or any number of causes. The challenge is that I’m not going to be able to suggest any type of treatment until, 1) I have been able to see and examine the rash, and 2) Take a medical history to try and establish a trigger. Have you gone to see your Doctor or Dermatologist? If you would like me or one of our Doctors to take a look, we would be most happy to help you. You can find your nearest branch on:

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