Question: Question from Claire

Juicing and juice diets are fast becoming more popular. While the idea of juicing your fruits and veggies does sound appealing (who wouldn't want to meet their daily intake of fruit and veggies in one meal), are there negative side effects of juicing and do you lose some of the nutrients when you juice fruits & veggies?


It’s all about juicing the right way. Eating fruit whole is easy enough, so the idea with juicing is to chuck in all those less appealing veggies that we battle to eat on their own – think broccoli, baby marrows, spinach, peppers, ginger and lemon. Whatever goes into your juice will be a concentration of nutrients, so it needs to be a quarter or less of fruit and more veggies, else you’ll have a concentration of sugar. Whilst your juice will pack a vitamin and mineral punch, what you’re losing out on is natural fibre – so make sure you are getting enough from your surrounding meals and snacks.

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