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Hi, I'm 30 years old. I used to have oily, pimple prone skin. About three + years ago, I completed a course of 50mg Oratane (generic Roacuttane.) I took Yasmin birth control during that time and ever since and my skin was clear and fantastic for three + years. However, about three months ago, I had to switch to a more affordable pill. I tried Oralcon (same as Nordette) for three months and my skin went back to being oily and pimple prone. I've just changed to Tri-phasal, but no magical changes yet. I follow a healthy and 'clean' diet, and use gentle products. I don't believe in using anti-acne, oil-free products because I have learnt that it just makes it worse. What can I do to save my skin that is affordable?


I’m so sorry to hear that you are having this issue. It is an unfortunate reality, that many patients who have been on Oratanes and Roacutane do, in fact, get relapses. Sometimes relapses that are even worse than their initial problem. It is unfortunately the chance you take when going on to these treatments. I would suggest you just take it one step at a time. Get yourself some of Lamelle’s Acnevelle Tablets just to get the oil secretion and breakouts a bit more under control. This will not affect you negatively in any way as there’s no antibiotic or anything that is going to disrupt your system or interfere with your pill. In addition to this, Lamelle also makes a product called “Active Control”, which you can just apply to the oily patches and breakouts as they present, and this helps clear them up very quickly. So rather “manage” your skin than take the route of going onto such hectic medication again. The Acnevelle tablets should slowly but surely help you get back “control” in this area. These products are available at any one of our Skin Renewal branches. You can find them on

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