Question: Question from Darlene Vos

Why is everyone suddenly stocking Aloe juice. Is it just a fad or are the really benefits to drinking some every day? Can you just buy one off the shelf at Checkers or should you purchase at health shops?


Aloe juice has definitely become a fad. Aloe does indeed have several health benefits, particularly for the digestive system, but be very careful what you buy.

There is a very popular range of Aloe drinks that I have seen in shops and even pharmacies that are loaded with sugar. Any benefit from Aloe will be negated by the large amount of sugar consumed in this drink and it is as bad as fizzy drinks. When you read a food or beverage label the first ingredient listed makes up the largest portion of that product, the second ingredient the second largest portion. So when you see sugar listed as the first or second ingredient then it is mostly sugar in that product.

Aloe is very bitter and the majority of Aloe products that are actually good for you (with the exception of 1 or 2 that are sweetened naturally) taste bitter. A good quality Aloe drink is good for constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, liver function and more.

So there is something to the fad. Just get the ones without the added sugar.

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