Question: Question from Dilona

Hi Doctor, I recently stopped taking Minerva (I was on it for almost 6 years for acne). It didn't seem to be working any longer becoz my acne was getting worse. I'm now on an antibiotic - tetralysal. It seems to be working as my acne is much milder however I'm still getting breakouts. I've also been doing the RegimA Acne Attack treatment but alas! Please help.


That is such a hot topic right now! We have found that acne usually only responds to a maximum of three months of antibiotics. Antibiotics also will make it dangerous to use any LASER therapy on your skin and even active chemical peels. I would recommend the following: complete your prescribed antibiotic course, wait a further one month and then begin more active chemical peel treatments together with intense photodynamic light therapy and evaluate your gut for imbalances in the good flora balance. Have your hormone levels checked too. Any problems uncovered here can be addressed and then a complete home care solution can be constructed to manage your skin and help prevent future breakouts. Diet also plays an important role in acne control, you should consult with someone knowledgable in acne diet advice who understands the role of glycemic index and food acidity. I hope that this can bring your acne under control as quickly as possible.

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