Question: Question from Edwardine

Hi, Dr Allem. With all the different skincare house i.e Clarins, Estee Lauder etc, how does one go about choosing a skin care range that one can stick to and is also fairly affordable?


Hi, Edwardine. Thank you for your question. The first thing is to ensure that you have the correct information regarding your current skin condition. You need to know what it is on your skin that you wish to see improving. You also need to ensure that you identify what could possibly be a problem for you in terms of your skin condition in the future and make sure that the range you use has preventative products or ingredients in it. So have you got pigmentation, or acne or is your skin red and sensitive, is your skin extremely dry or extremely oily or a mixture, are you seeing line and wrinkle formation etc. All of these things come into play when you decide what you need for your skin. My number one suggestion is always going to be that you see a well-trained, qualified aesthetician or Doctor who works with skin care, have a skin analysis done and discuss your skin and your concerns and your budget let them help you choose the right products from day one. Otherwise, you go from range to range, wasting your money and your time and not getting the results that you are wanting.

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