Question: Question from Elmarie Ramnarain

My skin seems to be very dry with lots of brown spots in the neck area. My face is also covered in blemishes and I get an occasional breakout. I have these bags under my eyes and the top eyelids are brown-coloured. I also suffer from "trapped" white/blackheads. Do you have any advice?


Thank you so much for your enquiry. In a case like yours where you are having multiple concerns, it is very difficult to give you certain help in a format like this, as very often, one issue leads to another. So we may very well find that you’ve suffered with a dry skin, and the problem has now become so severe that your skin’s barrier has become totally disrupted, which is what has then lead to your skin’s inability to properly excrete oils, leading to the “trapped white and black heads”… at the same time, the excessive dryness has more than likely caused sensitivity and a low-grade inflammation in the skin, which has made you prone to pigmentation, resulting in all the brown spots. I’m simply theorizing here, it could be something else… It may be that your hormones have gone out of balance, affecting the skin, causing dryness and then the cascade follows on from that. So in your case, I would really suggest you come in for a consult so that we can ascertain the cause of the problems and then treat you accordingly. In the meantime, I highly recommend that you try to at least sort out (even if it’s just temporarily) the dryness and the skin’s barrier, by using Lamelle’s Serra Restore Cream and a good facial sunblock to prevent those dark marks from getting any worse.

Would it be possible for you to come and see me or one of our highly capable doctors at any one of our Skin Renewal branches? You can find us on I would really love to help you with your concerns, but as I said, we have to treat the cause to be able to get you any real long lasting results, and for this we really need to take a full medical history and ascertain where the problems have started.

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