Question: Question from Festive season survival

During the festive season I usually attend a lot of parties and functions, and my skin and body are left feeling exhausted and tired-looking in January. Do you have any tips for keeping the skin and body healthy over Xmas, and avoiding looking tired and run-down in the new year?


In your case there are some absolute “HAVE TO DO’s”. Firstly you need to take care of your skin with both topical and oral supplements in the form of very powerful anti-oxidants. So in your case, something like the Ovelle skin care capsules are essential (this will obviously look after both the body and the face!), and applying a potent anti-oxidant serum under your moisturizer and sunblock every day is absolutely crucial, something like Skin Ceuticals CE Ferulic serum is fantastic (there are other options as well if you’d like me to suggest some others?). Also, especially if a lot of your functions are outdoors, your sunblock is absolutely essential (for both the body and face), and then last but certainly not least, hydration is essential, both internally and topically. So re-hydrate your skin every night before you go to bed with a powerful HA serum, like Lamelle’s HA Plus serum, and of course, drink loads of water throughout your functions and parties during the festive season.

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