Question: Question from Filizia Vanrensburg

Hi Dr Maureen I have a combination skin, dry around my eyes and cheeks. I have large open pores and and my skin is saggy and I have developed fine lines and dark circles around my eyes. Please advise.


Hello, Thank you for your question. Most of the concerns you mentioned are age related and can be addressed by our Anti-ageing and Skin Tightening Solutions ( ). These solutions are aimed at increasing your skin’s collagen and elastin production to specifically decrease sagging skin, lines and wrinkles. The solution packages may include chemical peels, Laser Genesis, Skin needling and Radiofrequency, just to name a few. To successfully treat the dark circles around your eyes, we need to establish the cause of the discoloration and decide on a treatment plan from there. Dark circles can be caused by pigmentation, a lack of drainage in the area, a lack of adequate sleep , or it can be genetic. I would recommend that you come and have a consultation with one of our medical doctors, they can do a thorough skin analysis and recommend suitable in clinic treatment from there. As for homecare, you will benefit from the Neostrata Skin Active range. This range contain a variety of antiaging ingredients, such as peptides, antioxidants and Retinols. The range includes a cleanser, day and night cream as well as a variety of different serums. Please visit to find out more about the homecare products. Please also visit to find a branch closest to you for a consultation.

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