Question: Should I be using cosmeceutical skincare products?

Good day Dr Maureen Allem. I read your article the other day about cosmetic vs cosmeceutical. I just have a question about this. Cosmetic is skin care that you buy from department stores like example Clinique and Estee Lauder and cosmeceutical is skin care that you buy from a salon like Dermalogica and Environ. Is this correct ? My question is the following : I struggle with pigmentation. Does it mean that in this case it’s better to use more active ingredients like Dermalogica or environ ? Will I see results with Clinique , Estee Lauder ? Or is it better to spend my money on cosmeceutical products that is prescribed from an aesthetician ? I want to know which is best to invest my money in as I only want the best for my skin. Thank you very much Liandi


Hi there Liandi. Thank you for your question. Dermalogica is not considered a Cosmeceutical product, as it is available in most regular Beauty Salons, it does not contain high concentrations of actives, and is not the type of product that would be recommended by Doctors or Dermatologists. Environ can be considered a Cosmeceutical as it has been developed by a doctor and is a good product to start on for sun damage and anti-ageing due to the Retinoid content of the range. At the end of the day, the answer to your question is fairly simple… What do you want/need from your skin care products? If you are happy with the appearance of your skin and you do not really have anything on your skin that bothers you, then simply use a good moisturiser and SPF and maintain what you have, and for this a good cosmetic product will do the trick. If you have lines or wrinkles or pigmentation that bothers you, then a cosmetic is only going to get you so far. A cosmetic is simply going to maintain what you already have and improve your hydration somewhat. The Cosmeceuticals are highly active and therefore are able to CHANGE your skin (provided you’ve chosen the right product for the correct indication). So to answer your question with a question: What bothers you on your skin and what do you NEED your facial products to do for you?

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