Question: Question from Gladys

Hi Lisa... I just wanted to ask what kind of exercises or food can an HIV+ person can have?


Clean, healthy eating is most desirable for those with HIV+. So the regular favourites of complex carbs – like brown rice and potatoes, healthy fats – like avos, nuts and coconut oil, and lean proteins like chicken, eggs and fish. Fresh fruit and veggies are important, eating them raw wherever possible – veggie juices are the best! Swap out sugar with healthier alternatives wherever you can, and include plenty of immunity boosting foods like garlic, vitamin C and omega-3s. Regular exercise is great for you! Make sure it is a combination of cardio and strength training, steering clear of long, steady-state cardio. Just make sure you are eating correctly to support exercise, and keep hydrated before, during and after exercise. If it’s new to you – go slow! And don’t overdo it.

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