Question: Can you recommend any good volume fillers?

Hello Dr Maureen, Can you recommend any good volume fillers please?


With the greatest of pleasure! Depending on WHERE you need the volume? Is it cheeks? Or under your eyes? Or volume in the lips? There are quite  a few different options. For cheeks we have great options like Emervel Volume. For lips; Emmervel Lips or Surgiderm. For under eyes, Restylane is a great option. You need to remember that I would always match the best filler for the skin I see in front of me. If someone has very thin and fragile skin, I may change my mind as to what filler to use, because using a large molecule, volumising filler may not be the best call for you, and we would not want to make lumps or cause an uneven result. So my advice will always be, to first take a look at WHAT your concern is, WHERE you need the volume and what the condition of your skin is to be able to make the best call for what YOU need. Hope this helps.

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