Question: Question from Joaline

Hi there, I have started looking into buying a derma roller, but after reading a few things online, I'm worried that it is not a good idea. how do I know I'm buying the right Brand, needle size, facial products etc. Could you perhaps tell me, what questions to ask before purchasing one for at home use?


Thank-you for your question. I must say, I am equally concerned when medical devices such as rollers are being sold online or when the decision is left up to the patient who perhaps doesn’t know what to look for. Rollers for home use should really only be very superficial (very, very short needles) and used simply for product penetration. So needle lengths should really not be any longer than 0.3mm at the most. If you are wanting to receive needling treatments for anti-ageing and skin tightening and wrinkle reduction, then that is something you really should not be doing on yourself at home. You need to go to a reputable clinic with properly trained professionals who have been trained in micro-needling. There is a proper protocol that needs to be followed that covers the use of an anaesthetic, cleanliness and dealing with blood etc Why don’t you contact one of our branches for more information or have a look at the needling options on our website

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