Question: Question from Justine Booysens

Dear Dr Allem, Do lip plumping products actually work? I haven't had any lasting results except for temporary burning and stinging which has led to temporary bigger lips but my plumpers have sadly taken backseat in a dusty corner of my makeup drawer.


To be perfectly honest. The majority of lip plumping products are really “Cinderella products”. So the moment you stop using them, you lose whatever result you had. There are very few that contain active ingredients that assist in building the lips, as those products would be extremely expensive, and even then, you certainly cannot expect the kind of result that you would get from having a filler. Most people who have small lips and want a better, fuller shape find it much more rewarding to go and have a filler in the lips. It last longer, it can be done very conservatively so that it looks very natural, and fillers do encourage the tissue in the lip area to become stronger and plumper, so in the long run you don’t need as much filler in future.

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