Question: I have post-pregnancy acne scars, help!

Hi Dr Maureen; During my pregnancy I experienced the worst acne. I had never had skin problems before. (Black girl, fair skinned) All my life I have been using the Ponds skin care. I need to get rid of the spots on my face and also prevent the acne from coming back, what can I use?


Thank you so much for your question, and I’m really very sorry to hear that you are battling with this. It is not uncommon for ladies to get acne during pregnancy. It’s unfortunately one of those things that you have to deal with after the pregnancy. Just a few things I need to ask you… Are there still breakouts happening? Or is it just the dark marks that have been left behind after the acne? I’m assuming from the questions you are asking, that your current skincare products are no longer working for you? There a few things you need to do.1) You need to prevent any breakout spots from becoming dark marks, so a good SPF is vital. Personally I am a believer in the Heliocare SPF products. 2) You need to invest in a product range that will control your break outs, but to decide on the best course of action, I need to know is there a LOT of breakouts? Or just a few random spots from time to time? Are you still battling with severe acne? This would help us determine what sort of products are best for you. 3) Lastly it may be a good idea to consider going on to a product like Lamelle’s Acnevelle capsules. This will help you to manage and reduce your breakouts using an oral supplement (from the inside).

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