Question: Question from Khalieda Osman

Hi, I have really bad skin. I used sensitive skin body wash as well as stopping it completely. Yet my skin itches so bad and it is like scales coming off. What could the problem be?


Hi there, what you are explaining here is the exact description of a skin’s barrier that is disrupted. In the upper layer of our skin we have a phospholipid bi-layer, commonly known as the skin’s “barrier”. The function of the barrier is to protect our skin from pathogens and harmful chemicals, it also has the ability to attract and trap water that keeps our skin hydrated. When this barrier becomes upset or disrupted, the skin will be sensitive, itchy, flaky and red. Many products out there mimic the skin barrier, but doesn’t fix it. What you need is a product that will actually fix and repair your skin’s barrier. Lamelle Serra restore range was designed to do exactly that. The range consists of a cleanser, cream and mask. I would recommend that you visit a Skin Renewal branch so that one of our medical therapists can have a look at your skin. Please visits to find out more about the products. We do have a online skin shop, so you can conveniently buy your products online as well.

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