Question: Question from Khalisi

Hi Lisa, I just found out that I'm pregnant and the doctor said to take it easy but I've been getting really bad back aches to the point where I can't move properly. Do you have any light exercise suggestions I do to relieve the pain?


Back pain so early on in your pregnancy definitely warrants a trip to the doctor! Pregnancy back pain is usually as a result of the growing strain on your abdomen, so shouldn’t be severe in such early stages. If your doctor rules out any unusual symptoms, here are a few great stretches: the angry cat stretch, where you arch and curl your back like a cat; wall squat with ball, where you secure an exercise ball between you and the wall and slowly roll it down the surface, squatting as you do so. A neck stretch is also important, where you sit on the floor with your legs straight, curling first your head down towards your chin, followed by the rest of your body.

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