How can I treat pigmentation marks on my African skin?

Hi I'm a 30yr old black woman. I have a two tone skin – I've spent too much time in the sun unprotected, so now the skin on my chest, my arms and my back is darker than my stomach, lower back and legs. I am a fairly light complection person. What products can I use to even out the colour of my skin?


Firstly, it is a very good idea to start wearing your sunblock. Try to avoid going out into the sun for prolonged periods in peak times. Make sure you wear your sunblock every single day come rain or shine. This will prevent the different areas on your skin form becoming even darker or more differentiated. You also need to consider starting on a good retinoid cream or serum, to start correcting the damage that has already been done. And lastly, if you would like a faster result, it is a very good idea to consider having some treatments to kick-start and speed up the process. For what you are describing I would highly recommend a course of superficial chemical peels with transdermal mesotherapy. You can find out more about these treatments at

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