Question: Question from Kirsten

Hi Dr. I’m 32 and terribly overweight after having two kids. I’ve been struggling with losing the extra kilos, particularly around me belly. I’ve been told that maybe I have a hormone imbalance. What are the chances, and how would I know, if I have a hormone problem or if it’s just a lifestyle/diet issue?


Hormone imbalances can indeed make it very difficult to lose weight.

Belly fat is often associated with high insulin levels, and high insulin levels definitely makes it very difficult to lose weight.

A simple blood test would reveal if you have high insulin levels.

A disturbance between your Oestrogen and Progesterone levels can also cause weight gain. Once again the only way to determine this is to do blood tests.

I would recommend that you come and see a Health Renewal doctor in order to do the relevant blood tests. We also have an extremely effective medical weight loss program which may be the answer for you. Speak to one of the Health Renewal doctors about our weight loss program.



Hormone imbalances

Medical weight loss program


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