Question: Question from Kyro Brower

Hello. I am a 27 year old Caucasian female and have developed fine lines around my eye area which are quite prominent when I smile. Is there an eye cream that you would suggest gives great results and will not break the bank? I have combination skin.


Hi there Kyro. Thank you so much for your enquiry. To be perfectly honest with you, a cream for the eye area is a great thing to use. However, you have to bear in mind that a cream is limited in how much of a result you are going to get. A cream cannot take dynamic lines away. They are lines that form BECAUSE you smile and move your face. So if you simply want to soften and hydrate the area making it appear slightly less, then an eye cream is the way to go. I would suggest something with growth factors in it (Check out the Lamelle Dermaheal Range), or something with Stem Cells (Check out Dermaquest 3D Stem Cell range) or something with resurfacing and hydrating ingredients (Check out Neostrata Skin Actives). If you are actually wanting those lines to be targeted and you don’t want them to be visible, then the best treatment for this is botulinum toxin (I recommend Botox or Dysport).

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