Question: Question from Lebohang

I have been using Mineraline for the past two months. My skin is looking bad I have pimples and blackheads now. Can you please help by telling me what to do, I was using the face wash and tonic and the moisturiser.


Thank you for submitting your question, Lebohang. Unfortunately, this can happen when you use a product that is not suited to your skin. It certainly doesn’t make Mineraline a bad product at all, it simply means that Mineraline is not the right product for the skin condition or skin type that you have. This is why making sure you match your skin type and condition and concerns specifically to products and ingredients indicated for YOUR specific needs. If you don’t do this, it’s very much the same as taking, for example, Panado, for the flu. Does it make Panado a bad medicine? No certainly not. But you can’t treat flu with a headache medication. Similarly, you can’t make the same mistake with your skin care and use the incorrect solution for your problem. So in your case, what we need to ascertain is exactly what is going on with your skin, and what do we do to get your particular skin to a state of health. You need to answer some questions for me: 1) How old are you? 2) Does your skin get oily very easily, or dry very easily? 3) Are you on any medications (meds do affect the skin). 4) Are you indoors or outdoors for the majority of each day? 5) Have you always struggled with the odd breakouts, or has this only started now since you tried these products? 6) Lastly, is your skin very sensitive (ie does it get itchy, or sting, feel tight and uncomfortable)? Until you can give me some more detail, I would suggest that you simply stop using anything other than a very gentle cleanser that is soap free (something like cetaphil), use a good facial SPF every morning, and use a non-irritating, non-active moisturizer such as Lamelle Serra Restore or Cetaphil Restoraderm Cream, just so that the skin can calm down and recover.

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