Question: Question from Mandy

Good-day Dr, I am a 31-year-old female and I've been using Persivate Topical Ointment Cream for the past 10 years. It does make my skin feel smooth and even. The problem is that when I run out of it, my skin starts to break out and I get a sore rash all over my face. It also kind of lightens my complexion. so basically I cannot live without this product but want to stop using it because of the side effects. What can you recommend I do?


Hi Mandy, it sounds to me like your bilipid barrier in your skin is compromised. This may also be due to chronic inflammation and stress inside your body. I will suggest that you start a barrier repair protocol and gut restoration to bring down the amount of inflammation in your skin and body. This will not be a quick fix, be patient.

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