Question: Question from MarishaAV

Hi Dr Maricia Duvenage. I am a 25 year old with endometriosis. I am on Visanne have been getting fatter or bloated but still weigh the same since last year. I do not have time to exercise. The only free time I have is after work and cleaning house which is when I have pelvic pain from overexerting my body. I already eat a lot of fibre but my stomach is still bloating. Im starting to look like a pregnant woman. Do you have any suggestion on light quick exercises or diet changes?


Endometriosis is associated with unbalanced hormone levels, impaired detoxification pathways and metabolic challenges. It is vital to have a healthy gut and to follow a diet that is helpful to lowering the hormone load. The gut requires balanced probiotic flora, fibre, zinc, magnesium and even glutamine and apple cider vinegar may be of benefit. A diet that is based on anti-inflammatory, alkaline type foods that are low in hormone-like toxins is important. Exercise should be light, such as walking, but regular and for only 20 minutes a day. It is advisable to have a health professional construct a personalized approach to your condition for the best results.

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