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I have always had a smooth, problem free skin. In the last about 8 months I am getting very small 'bumps' on my forehead. It does not look like pimples nor does it turn into that. When the light falls on my skin from the side it is noticeable and obviously to the touch. Blushingly I have to admit I have forced one open and a small 'ball' that is very hard came out. Why am I getting this and how do I fix it?


It sounds to me like you are possibly describing “milia”, but I would have to take a look at you to be sure. This can be caused for a number of reasons. The most common causes are, excessively dehydrated skin, that has a poor cell turn-over time. In other words, your skin is not shedding fast enough and this causes these blockages to be trapped deeper in the skin resulting in these little “stuck plugs”, if you will. Three things you need to do: 1) Get a good enzymatic exfoliator that you can use at home twice a week (something like Lamelle’s Cathepzyme); 2) Get a very good hydrating serum for your skin to start getting the moisture balance sorted out (Lamelle makes a great one called HA Plus); 3) Get a good facial sunblock to wear over your serum every day, this will protect you from further damage and prevent more moisture loss (something like Helio Care). For more info on product options or to find any of these, please have a look on

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