Question: Question from MEL1SSA

At the beginning of the year I had gastric flu and food poisoning around about the same time. This really upset my digestive system. I always had a flat stomach and after I was on the medication and cured of those irritating conditions, I started having normal bowel movements... Now for the past few months I feel bloated and my movements are between constipation and dry, hard stools which are an effort to push out. Is there any medication I can take or do you think I am lacking any supplement / a deficiency. I just want to have normal bowel movements again.


Hi, this is such a topical point right now. More and more medical evidence is linking gastro-intestinal upset with previous bouts of food poisoning and gastro-enteritis. The reason for this is that these conditions cause an imbalance between the good bacteria inside the gut and the bad bacteria. This condition is known as dysbiosis. Once we lose this balance of good bacteria, our digestive process suffers, resulting in more gas production, inflammation, slower bowel transit times and poor nutritional absorption. One can investigate this directly by evaluating stool compositions at a laboratory and the imbalance can be treated by restoring this balance inside the gut using prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzymes and natural anti-inflammatories and detoxing agents. Sometimes temporary exclusion diets are also necessary. Wishing you a healthy recovery.

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