Question: Question from MEL1SSA

I am a skinny girl but I noticed that whenever I eat I get slightly bloated. Is there any medication I can take for this or exercise I can do because I have always had a flat tummy but ever since I had gastric flu (and food poisoning) at the beginning of the year, it has never been the same except for in the mornings. ... and after I eat or drink something I feel like a fatty.


Hi there! While a little bloating is not unusual, it is of course not ideal to experience after every meal. Some people are quite susceptible to bloating when eating foods such as cruciferous veggies, wheat, gluten, dairy or excess salt, but if you feel it is not mild enough to ignore, a trip to the dietician may be in order. A daily probiotic also works wonders on the digestive system, providing healthy ‘good’ bacteria in the gut to combat the more harmful bacteria.

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