Question: Is Environ good enough after a Fraxel treatment?

Good day, I am using the Environ range. I am fair skinned, freckles. 2 weeks ago I went for Fraxel 1927 for pigmentation. I have had no guidance on proper aftercare. I was told by the fraxel therapist to continue with the Environ vit C and Eucerin Even brighter cream. Not to use any vit A products. Upon phoning other clinics, I am so confused as 1 says Environ too active, other says, vit A is very good for pigmentation and another that the Environ Clarifying lotion which contains sepiwhite and niacinimide is good to use and will help minimize the freckles and pigmentation. I know I must use a zinc oxide sunblock, I use sunblock every day. Is Environ good or good enough, must I stick to Eucerin, please advise? Thank you


Thank you very much for your question. Normally there is a post-care protocol that you should follow after having your Fraxel treatment, which you would normally follow for a couple of weeks while your skin recovers from the treatment. Once that recovery period has passed, you would then return to your normal skin care range. Yes, the use of SPF every single day is very important. With regards to your other question, however… Is Environ good enough for what? What is it on your skin that bothers you? Why did you have the Fraxel? For scarring? For pigmentation? For texture? What is it that you are trying to treat? The answer to that question, is what will determine whether or not the products you are using are suitable for YOUR particular condition. Environ is a good product, provided it’s being used for the correct indications. Perhaps if you gave me a bit more info on your case, I would be able to recommend some specific options for you?

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