Question: Question from Michelle Naidoo

I have very dry skin. I have tried a lot of products made with oil and no perfumes, etc. I also drink a lot of water. I can apply a product on my skin after a bath and in few hours my skin is dry again. Am I short of something in the body or am I using the wrong product?


Thank you for this very valuable question. Truth be told, it could be any number of things. Like you’ve already mentioned, it could very well be the wrong product for your skin. It could be that your skin’s barrier is impaired and it can therefore not retain moisture adequately (if this is the case you need a barrier repairing moisturiser). It could be that your have a hormone imbalance which can result in dryness of the skin. There are a few possibilities. In MOST cases, it is as a result of an impaired barrier, or the use of the incorrect products for your skin.

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