Question: Question from Miss Addy M

Hi Dr Maureen I recently have been drinking green tea a lot. As I have read that it great for your over-all health and your skin. I have been drinking the normal pure green tea variety...but I want to now try the decaf option. I also limit the amount of coffee I drink - at most 5 cups a week, each cup being 250ml with no sugar and whole milk. Will the decrease of caffein intake help the skin.


Thank you for your question.

Green tea in its natural state is an excellent antioxidant and is indeed very good for the skin and for general health. However, if you have any specific concerns, there may be better options that just the green tea. If you are simply drinking it for the general health benefits, then that is great.

I am going to say that you should always try to consume health products in their most natural form. The minute they have to be altered through chemical process to add or to remove something, it changes the properties and effects of that natural ingredient.

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