Question: Question from Miss Addy M

Hi Dr Maureen I have finally been able to conquer my acne problem… It's now closing in on a year since my skin has cleared up. It's smoother, supple, and I just love the texture and I notice less dark marks as the weeks go buy. My skin is a lot brighter too. I have also made MAJOR changes to my diet and have been drinking loads more water which has been the GREATEST of help! I just would like your help in finding a great facial serum that will help protect, nourish and keep the current condition of my skin (or better it slightly) as is and help control oiliness a bit better. I was hoping for one product that I can use day and night under my day cream and night cream every day.


I’m so glad to hear that your skin is doing so incredibly well. You have quite a few options available to you in terms of serums. I realise there is a sense of convenience in simply choosing one serum that can do everything, and if that is really what you want, I can very highly recommend Skin Medica’s Essential Serum. In my mind, that is the closest thing to an “all in one” product. If however, you would like a good serum that does everything you need to protect you during the day (and will boost everything you have already achieved), I would highly recommend Skin Ceuticals’ Phloretin CF Serum, which you would only need to apply in the morning. These are just two options that I believe to be incredibly effective, but there are other really amazing options available to you as well and you are very welcome to let me know if I can assist you further.

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