Question: Question from Miss Addy M

Hi Lisa. I just wanted to know, do recommend I up the wrights of my dumbbells/sandbag/free weights etc. for my leg/lower body workouts? For a while now (maybe 2-3 months) I no longer feel any stiffness or sore-ness after my lower body training routine. I also have included the leg press where I do 10-40 kg depending on the placing of my feet on the equipment (single leg press I do 10kg; wide leg press 40kg and normal leg press 30 kg). My arms, yes, I do feel sore-ness after...since I upped my weights by a kilogram.


This depends on your fitness and aesthetic goals. If you are still looking for results, you’ll need to up your weights, and also vary your workouts as our bodies adapt quickly to routine. If you are at your goal weight/aesthetics, then keeping your weights as they are will simply maintain your hard work. Even if you aren’t looking for further muscle gain/fat loss I would still suggest varying your workouts – even if the intensity doesn’t change. Keeping your body keeps your metabolism fired up and recruits different muscles for a more effective routine over time.

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